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Zodiac Spoon - GOLD - symbolic healing spoon

Zodiac Spoon - GOLD - symbolic healing spoon

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Zodiac Sign

Each sold seperately. Price is per item. 


Each spoon is hand poured using several layers of resin, crystals and sparkles. A Zodiac sign in the handle 

healing spoons are used as spiritual tools, not for food or beverages
These spoons are perfect for anyone that suffers from chronic pain, anxiety or depression. Or as we call them “spoonies” These spoons are filled with crystal chips, and sparkles.
The shape is symbolic for the “spoonie” community. People (like myself) who suffer from chronic pain or mental health issues. I have lots of customers that don’t call themselves a spoonie though! They are for anyone. The crystals inside are where the healing come from. Applying pressure to crystals or stones increases their natural healing properties. Placing them in resin does that! Some use them worry stone, to mix herbs, some meditate, or beside their bed.
They’re used as any crystal would be.
Spoons measure 5” long
It is believed that applying pressure to stones or crystals helps to boost the natural energy and healing qualities. Placing the crystals in resin does just that!
* all items are handmade and imperfections are inevitable. We ask that you expect perfectly imperfect magic

*healing spoons are used as spiritual tools, not for food or beverages
*not intended for resale
* healing tool should never take place of any medication
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