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Pink & Green - Spring Dream Cloud - 3 1/2” BUBBLE cloud

Pink & Green - Spring Dream Cloud - 3 1/2” BUBBLE cloud

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PLEASE NOTE: Price is for one cloud. Multiples were made and variations will occur.  Cost of shipping included in product.

These dreamy wall/window hangings are the perfect was to sparkle up your sacred space. They’re made with a crystal filled cloud and each strands is handmade featuring glass, and crystal beads!! They sparkle beautifully in direct sunlight  

The large measures 3 1/4”x 2 1/2” 

They’re approximately 14-16” long

PLEASE NOTE: The included shipping cost is due to the weight. We want to make sure your magic gets to you without damage !!

*all sales are final 

*not suitable for resale

* all items are handmade and imperfections are inevitable. We ask that you expect perfectly imperfect magici

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