PRIVATE ORDER for Aven Willow

PRIVATE ORDER for Aven Willow

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custom wholesale order for Aven Willow to be paid in full prior to making. Not for public purchase. Please note that all custom orders are non-refundable. Photo is for reference only. 

Current list:

4 burners ($40 each) two of each style) $160 total

shipping $20

Iridescent flake style 

 - $300 minimum order plus shipping

- $500+ would be free shipping

- Mini wands $30 each. We would need to do a variety of colors. (I cannot request specific colors for the ceramic caps). Suggested retail $60 plus tax

- turn around time would be around 2 weeks depending on the size of the order. I will make your order my priority though!

- Products can only be sold in store. No online sales.

- I would provide business cards