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Pocket Deity (statue not keychain)

Pocket Deity (statue not keychain)

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Buddha choice

Perfect little Deitys yo carry with you! Each sold separately. Price is for one statie. Measures approximately 2” (please note:these are statues not keychains)

KRISHNA - Supreme God - Blue skin Krishna is the deity of love and compassion. Krishna‘s promise to humanity is that he will manifest himself and descend to earth whenever dharma declines. 

SHAKTI - Divine Force - Shakti is the mother goddess in Universal principle of energy, power, or creativity. Many people offer prayer to Shakti before beginning any intellectual pursuit

GANESH - remover of obstacles - Ganesh is one of the supreme deities and is worshiped by all six of Hinduism. He is the Lord of success, knowledge, and wealth, also known as the remover of obstacles

MEDICINE BUDDHA - supreme healer - medicine buddha is known in Tibetan Buddhism for his healing power. During meditation repeat the medicine Buddha mantra to promote healing and release pass negative karma

SHIVA - supreme being - Shiva is tasked with destroying the universe in order to prepare for its renewal at the end of each cycle of time. Shivas destructive power is regenerative and necessary step that makes renewal possible. 

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