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Green Man - Made to order

Green Man - Made to order

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The Green Man is a forest spirit in folklore dating back hundreds maybe even thousands of years. Legend says that he originated in Europe but there are stories of him all over the world even in Pagan origins. He represents re-birth and the cycle of life and death. He takes the reins of King of the Forest, keeping all plant and animal life protected.
These guys are HUGE! They measure 14” long and weigh almost 2 lbs. They are made to be hung on the wall or be placed in your altar. They have a bracket on the back for hanging. 

PLEASE NOTE: shipping cost is included in price. 

I included obsidian in the resin to add protection properties. 

This is a made to order product. Photos are for reference only. You will be picking your color/stones and we will be bringing it to life. The idea behind this type of listing is to make each customer the desired product at their convenience. Variations will occur. Each crystal comes in a variety of colors (example: amethyst can be light and translucent or dark with chevron veining/ rose Quartz can be dark pink, light pink or even peachy pink).

Your idem will be sent out within 14 business days of purchase, less if we have all supplies needed. This insures we have time to purchase any additional items needed to make your product and have adequate time to make your item! 

Crystals will be limited to: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise Howlite, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Quartz, Moss Agate and Aventurine. See pictures for examples. Mixes will vary depending on stones in stock.

Please understand that we take pride in our work and making our customers happy. By purchasing you are committing to allowing the artists to create for you. Allowing us to make you a one of a kind piece and giving us complete artist control. We ask that you only purchase if you understand and are comfortable with us creating for you. 

There will be no email exchanges, substitutions or changes.

There will be no returns or refunds. These are one of a kind, made to order, just for you listings. 

Domestic shipping will be included in the cost of item. 

Serious buyers only. 






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